• Reduce anxiety through self-therapy, self-acceptance and self-love

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About us Be Humance is a team of passionate health professionals helping demystify anxiety and mental health. We strongly believe that, given the right tools and knowledge, everyone has the power to reconnect with themselves to regain wellness and balance. Our mission is to change the way you think about yourself by delivering self-therapy through professional content, quality online training and therapeutic products that we’ve handpicked for you. But we are even more than that! DISCOVER BE HUMANCE

therapeutic products

Weighted Blanket Weighted Blanket
$230.00 USD
Komuso Shift Komuso Shift
$120.00 USD
Room Freshener Room Freshener
$30.00 USD
Therapeutic Lavender Mask Therapeutic Lavender Mask
Meditation Cushion Meditation Cushion
$95.00 USD

Our team of professionals travel the world to find the most effective therapeutic products on the market as an alternative to medication to calm your mind.

online classes

We’ll teach you how to take care of yourself. We offer online training adapted to your current challenges. The health professionals behind Be Humance join forces with other psychologists, social workers, doctors, nutritionists and yoga instructors to offer online classes that aim to educate, equip and prevent.  

Self-Care is a radical act !

- Pema Chodron


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