Weighted Blanket Weighted Blanket
$230.00 USD
$230.00 USD $230.00 USD
Our weighted blanket provides an all-natural therapeutic effect for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, stress or chronic pain. The weight of the blanket increases the...
Komuso Shift Komuso Shift
$120.00 USD
$120.00 USD
The Shift helps you quickly and easily combat anxiety by slowing your breathing. It's a functional, elegant piece of jewelry that you wear against your...
Room Freshener Room Freshener
$30.00 USD
$30.00 USD
Experience the soothing power of aroma with our Room Freshener. Calming and comforting, it's available in three pleasant scents that transform your living space into...
Therapeutic Lavender Mask Therapeutic Lavender Mask
The Amma therapeutic lavender mask is the perfect choice for ultimate relaxation. Its sweet lavender fragrance is therapeutic. The grains inside the mask allow for...
Meditation Cushion Meditation Cushion
$95.00 USD
$95.00 USD
The perfect cushion for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Higher and wider than a standard yoga bolster, it is the ideal cushion for beginners and less...
Minky Cover for Weighted Blanket Minky Cover for Weighted Blanket
$79.00 USD $79.00 USD
This cover is made with quality minky fabric, very soft, thick and lustrous. Minky is a fabric used for making plush toys and will keep...
Bamboo Cover For Weighted Blanket Bamboo Cover For Weighted Blanket
$79.00 USD $79.00 USD
Our cooling bamboo cover pairs perfectly with our weighted blanket. Made from a breathable, antibacterial bamboo fiber that wicks away heat and adapts to any...

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