Demystifying mental health and nourishing the soul

Be Humance is a team of healthcare professionals who are passionately committed to the wellness of every human being. Our multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers and psychoeducators helps demystify anxiety, mental health and any kind of destabilizing event that life may throw your way. We strongly believe that, given the right tools, everyone has the power to reconnect with themselves to regain health and balance. Our mission is to modernize access to therapy by providing you with professional and high-quality content so you can make wellness a part of your everyday routine. We are committed to helping people become the best version of themselves. We will lead the way, one human at a time.

Serve your health through self-therapy

As healthcare professionals, we know that good mental health begins with taking care of yourself daily. We advocate for self-therapy because we firmly believe that, with the right tools and the right knowledge, we can learn to heal our own mind and body. Be Humance strives to make therapy more accessible for all, without a huge financial burden or long waiting lists. Our approach focuses on prevention and on empowering you, so you become independent on your wellness journey.

Our mission is to help people listen inwards, slow down, and love themselves for who they are. Self-acceptance and self-love are as much about the body as the mind. We guide you to accept your emotions to better understand them and better manage them. Be Humance offers a range of therapeutic products and online training courses to help you take better care of yourself, reduce your anxiety and restore your inner peace. Our tools will equip you to welcome changes, resolve your inner conflicts and find solutions to complex situations.

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You're not stuck. You're learning, you're growing, you're preparing to bloom !

- Ava Duvernay

A caring community

We believe it is important to place the power to heal in your own hands. That's why we share daily tips, exercises, inspirational quotes and empowering testimonials on our various platforms. We’re more than just a team of healthcare professionals working to help restore your balance and wellness: we are a self-love movement and a supportive community that celebrates diversity. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to discover our philosophy and benefit from daily tips. Join our Be Humance family - we will welcome you with open arms! @behumance

Self-Care is a radical act !

- Pema Chodron


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